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Where do handsome men come from....?

Hello, and welcome to my strange request. I'm doing this for my sister-in-law, who isn't on LJ. She's writing, and is trying to come up with some stories or myths about 'handsome men'. We've all heard the 'handsome as a Greek God' phrase, but are there any others?

At some time, where men from Turkey considered to be 'the most handsome'? Are there comparisons to the gods of Indian or Asian folk-lore about how a handsome man will resemble (this god)?

I've googled a little, 'myth legend most handsome man men' and variations, but mostly I get either Greek gods, or stuff about Hollywood.

I did find *one* reference here:
(sorry, cached so i could find the word)

It's about Cuchulain of Ireland. Anything along these lines would be good....

"Yet a third chariot comes, wherein stands a dark, sad youth, most handsome of all the men of Erin; he wears a crimson tunic, brooched with gold, a long white linen cloak, and a white, gold-embroidered hood. His hair is black, his look draws love, his glance shoots fire, and the hero-light gleams around him. His shield is crimson, with a silver rim, and images of beasts shine on it in gold."
Terror in Connaught

"Alas I that is the hero Cuchulain," said Meave.

Even better word-strings for Google would be good. Thanks! And so very sorry, mods, i have *no* clue what tags to use.
Tags: ~folklore (misc)

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