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ASU campuses/towns in Arizona/campus activities.

Modern-day USA.

My story isn't set in Arizona, but a few characters are from there, and I'm trying to fill in their backgrounds. Having done some research into the various universities, and I've picked Arizona State as their college, so two of them are from Tucson (has to be a big enough city far enough away they can't commute), but I'm not sure where the third character is from.

I need somewhere pretty rural, but not entirely middle-of-nowhere, and preferably close enough to a decently-sized city that a teenager with a car and lax enough parents would be able to get into the city about once a month or so. Somewhere that's gay-unfriendly, but not outright gay-hating would be good too, but that's less important.

Secondly, at least one of my characters is primarily on West campus, and probably one of the others as well. (One of the characters has a hard-set major, the other two can be shifted to fit the story) I know that lots of people have classes across more then one campus, and google informs me that there are shuttle busses between the different campuses, but how common is it that students have cars and bring themselves between campuses instead. And is it possible for students on different campuses to live together?

Finally, regarding extra-curriculars/sports.

I know that most of the ASU home games are played in Tempe, but is that also true for practises? And are non-sporting clubs based around individual campuses or the whole university? Basically, would it be likely for students based on different campuses to be in the same clubs?

EDIT: I've just realised I forgot to ask where in Tucson the two other characters live. They're both middle-class with professional parents, very into music and moderately sporty. One's white and one's Latino. Can you suggest a neighborhood?

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