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Late Victorian British Army Medic

... and his eventful life. I'm most concerned about his rank and how he can leave service.

He's going to be a char in a tabletop RP a friend is planning, and I'd rather not bullshit my friends. Game will be set in 1904; the period I have questions about is 1892 to that date.

Search terms: so many I can't even recall them, but the latest were victorian era/late 1800's; military medic; RAMC; leaving service/army / discharge and rank, in different combinations.

Also, I'd be thankful if you wise people could check for incorrect information in what I already have.

Sooo, our guy, with a wealthy upper-middle class background, was born in 1867 and finished his studies in 1892 at the Royal Victoria Military Hospital, holding an MD, and a license in surgery(?). (Later, he acquired a degree in Tropical Diseases.) Since the Army Medical School was only founded in 1893, it's ruled out, so.. I guess he just signed up to service, all enthusiastic to save lives...? Mystery solved, I'm a dork.

From 1892 to 1896, he was stationed in Egypt. (While there don't seem to be major conflicts there at that time, I assume it was still a pretty eventful four years.)

In 1896, he has to go home, to meet a girl; I guessed he was temporally discharged due to some medical condition (lol, irony). He got better, met the girl, got engaged, girl died. That kinda ruled him out until the end of the year, but in 1897, he was back in the army, and this time, he went to India.

Now, I know that military medics held no rank, but in 1898, the Royal Army Medical Corps came into being, and medics finally gained authority. For our guy, this means five years in service, and he remained there for another five. What rank could he be in 1903, if any at all...? I have no idea if service prior to 1898 was rewarded retroactively. Furter research brought this up: GoogleBooks find, explaining how non-military ranks changed after the RAMC warrant. I'm contemplating a final rank of Major now.

Moreover, I want him to leave the military in 1903. How could he do that, by simply retiring?

Err, I think that'd be it. If you think there's anything I should know, point it out! Thanks in advance.

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