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Quick English to Greek translation needed

I'm making up a demon a la "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" off the top of my head.  I've got a fairly clear picture of what I want this critter to do and look like, but I need a name for it.  It's primary trait is insatiable greed for... whatever catches the individual demon's attention.  (In the case of my story, it's money, via a cattle ranch in the Old West.)  The demon is a native of a Hell dimension, and when it's in this dimension, it's effectively immortal, except when sprinkled with a certain combination of herbs to be determined later.

I've looked up Latin translations of 'greed' and 'insatiable', but I wanted something a little less obvious, so I looked for the Greek translations of those words instead.  Problem is... I can only find those Greek translations in Greek letters, which, um... I don't read Greek, so I don't even know what that stuff sounds like.  What I need is the appropriate Greek translation written in the English alphabet, and it would be great if I could get the phonetic spelling in addition, so I at least know how to pronounce it. :)

As a further question, does anyone know of a translator program that will translate into Greek and other languages that will show the English alphabet spelling?  It would help a lot, especially as I don't read Cyrillic lettering either, or Hyroglyphics, or...  and I can see wanting to do things like this fairly often in this fanfic series of mine.

Thanks in advance,


ETA 11pm, 7/15:  First, I want to thank everyone for responding so quickly.  This com is kind of awesome like that.  And also, we have a winner!  I'm going with 'harpax', the Biblical variation mentioned in the comments.  I'm also grabbing all the language comms suggested, because I totally need to add those resources to my list.  Thanks again!
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