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Types of Alcohol / Drinking Games

I'm writing a story that revolves around a drinking game, but it occurs to me how lacking I am in the field of all things alcohol-related. (I'm underage and I don't intend to drink until I'm able to). I've tried googling various terms, but I feel like I need information from people that actually engage in drinking.

The game is played with Wheel of Fortune, so it goes on about 30 minutes and possibly on a daily basis. The least amount of drink that would occur would be three sips/shots and the most would be, I guess, ten.

I wanted to use a hard liquor for this game, but I certainly don't want to poison the characters. They must be functional enough to carry conversations afterwords and eventually prepare some sort of dinner. They may decide to stay over one of the person's house, but more likely, the one that drinks the less would be the one to drive the rest home - all nearby, furthermore able to function at their jobs (office work) and perform well enough -ages, about 25. The characters are not reckless by nature either, if that helps, so they wouldn't want to risk anything. They are, however, not concerned about the effects of their health.

And now the questions!

(1) What percent of alcohol would be too much? Too little? What type would you suggest? (Specific brands are not too important here)

(2) What type have you used/know is used for drinking games, personally? If you're not one to play drinking games, what type are you just attached to? (Specific brands, please, if you can)

(3) Is there a popular drinking game already involved with the Wheel of Fortune game show already?  In making up a new game, would it matter?

And anything else that would be good to know.

Thank you so much for reading this entire mess! ^^ 

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