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Muteness and Hospital Procedures

 Setting: Boston, 1992-1996

These actually have to do with two different stories, but the setting is the same. 

I know muteness is used a lot as a made-to-order malady, but my novel actually circles around my main character being mute. It deals with her alienation, as well as the circumstances in which she had throat cancer as a child. (It was right after her father died, so family drama). 

I know that total larynx removal leads to a stoma for life, which I don't want. Is it possible that a partial-removal could cause enough damage to the second vocal chord to render her speech altered enough that she might choose not to speak, or be mute but with limited breathing problems? If not, then I think the trauma of the illness, surgery, and huge family upheaval might led her to become selectively mute, without realizing this was the case when she is older. 

I want to be as true to life as possible in a fantasy novel! (Most of the novel is set in our world). I googled throat cancer and mutism to get the specifics, but wanted to run my situation by you all.

Secondly, a minor point. One of my characters is involved in a car accident that leads to the amputation of her leg. She's twelve. If it's a fairly bad accident in a northern suburb of Boston would she go to a local hospital or a larger one like Massachusetts General in the city? If she'd go local, what are the chances that a middle-schooler from the suburbs would be part of a gymnastics team in the city? I'm thinking slim, but I kind of want her in the city.... Googled info about hospitals outside of Boston, but didn't know what else to search.
Tags: 1990-1999, usa: health care and hospitals, usa: massachusetts, ~medicine: illnesses (misc)

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