imuptonogood (imuptonogood) wrote in little_details,

Magical Herbs to Call and Weave Magic

I am looking for some herbs that could be used in a magical ritual in England; I need one to awaken / strengthen / draw the magic, and one to weave or bind it. The context is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.(so the herbs could be herbs found in England or in the Potterverse).. and they will be used in a funeral ceremony.

I've tried Google searches and been to several Herbal sites, but I get a surfet of data with no way of filtering through it (most of it about healing properties love potions/aphrodesiacs).  Someone with some training could probably think of some, whereas I get a bunch of medical information and new-age gibberish.
Ideas would be most welcome!


Tags: ~woo-woo

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