cathrinerose (cathrinerose) wrote in little_details,

Victorian Female Doctor

I'm writing an AU Sherlock Holmes fanfic featuring a genderbent!always-female!Watson. I know according to the Sherlock Holmes wiki that Dr. John Watson graduated from the University of London in 1878. I also know that the London School of Medicine for Women was founded in 1874.

This AU may end up fusing to another involving a steampunk air force of either dragons or airships with female crew (Watson gets roped into treating them while in training and ends up coming with them to Afghanistan) so I could just go ahead and twist the timeline but I want this to be a in-spite-of-a-nail type thing.

My question is this, does anyone know when the first class graduated from LSMW? Would Margaret Watson have been in this first class, a later one, trained independently or would she have gone to America or a European country such as France, Italy or the Netherlands for training? Any information on training to be a Doctor in the Victorian era is appreciated as well. Ciriculum, timing, requirements etc
Tags: ~medicine: historical

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