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Z. Coldwater

Head injury question

The situation is simple. A kid, a girl of about four or five, falls out of a tree and hits her head, passing out.

Now, here's where I'm groping in the dark:
  • how long could she be reasonably out for without it being a serious coma?
  • is it possible for her to appear "normal" for a while (especially to the eye of a 1920s-technology-level doctor) and then suddenly get worse again, up to and including slipping into a coma?
  • tech level is 1920s. How would a coma be treated/managed, if she does indeed slip into one? Would she just die? Would she be hospitalised? Did they have feeding tubes back then?
  • what sort of consequences would she have from all the aforementioned? Currently the plan is that she starts suffering regular (say, monthly to bimonthly) severe headaches, which prevent her from sleeping, but would there be any developmental damage?

Research done: a lot of reading up on traumatic brain injury on wikipedia and similar, as well as poking around this comm and reading about coma/coma recovery/etc. But I need historical, as opposed to modern, information, which is where I'm tripping up

EDIT: Bonus question that occurred to me. Like I said, the level of technology and society is roughly 1920s. Her family are poor and do not have a telephone, much less a car and cannot, for various reasons, make use of a neighbour's aforementioned. I'm wondering if the father sitting up with her at night (he's a doctor, though non-practising for a number of years as of the story's beginning, which is why he's a doctor but poor :V) and then going in the morning to fetch the neighbourhood doctor would be neglectful/stupid?
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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