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Toboe LoneWolf

GSW wound to chest with Magic Mojo added

Setting: Present day America, city

Searches done: All of little_details entries on gunshot wounds, Googling of "chest wound bleeding"

My MC is going to be shot in the chest by a experienced killer with a 9mm bullet from a Beretta M9 at approximately midrange. From my internet readings, I've concluded it's pretty much got to be the chest because any other target (shoulder, leg, etc) would make the killer look like an amateur (Killers Target Torsos seems to be the byline).

However, I need to know what sort of chest wound would allow my MC to be somewhat mobile (the sort of "crawling wounded going to die probably soon" mobile) and see her attacker. Also, I'd like my MC to not have to go through months of rehabilitation. To help, my MC has some Magic Mojo that allows her to stop bleeding, in an limited sense, though she'll only be able to apply it after her attacker leaves so said attacker will think she really will die.

What I can't tell is whether said Magic Mojo would actually help, and whether my MC would be the sort of mobile I want. I've read that "chest wounds don't bleed externally that much, it's internal bleeding you have to worry about" versus with "OMG SEAL IT SUCKING CHEST WOUND," along with "bullets will ricochet and do a ping-pong dance inside the chest and Life Will Suck" versus "bullets could pass right through." I know bullets can do funky things, but I can't determine which would be more likely.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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