Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in little_details,
Trisha Lynn

On Chinese history

One of the magnum opuses (opii?) that I'm currently stalled on is about a girl who moves from Southern California to Lawrence, Kansas. She's a bright girl, in honors classes and she's taking sophomore world/European history, and her dad's got a doctorate focusing on Chinese history.

A major plot point of the first section is that her European history teacher docks her points from a test because of something relating to Chinese history that she knows is right from what her dad's researching, but her teacher doesn't know about because it hasn't been conclusively proven yet. I was thinking of setting it during the time period of the research for this book, because the idea in the book is so contrary to established teaching that it's not likely to be known anywhere else. However, I've encountered other websites who attack the book and they also sound convincing.

It's important that she be utterly right in this matter. So does anyone here know of any other new and absolutely mind-blowing revelations about the relationship between China and the rest of the world prior to the Renaissance era? Things that are more concrete and bulletproof than the idea mentioned in the book?
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