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How I learned to love the bomb... and something I haven't quite gotten down

I've noticed a lack of nukes and information about nuclear weapons, warefare, and so-forth. So I've compiled a list of resources I've found helpful:

Nuclear Warfare Policy Basics: Part One, Part Two, Part Three
Atomic Bomb
Hydrogen Bomb
Neutron Bomb
Cobalt Bomb
Radiation Sickness
The Effects of Thermonuclear War
Hydrogen Bomb Simulator
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
General Nuclear Information

What I can't find any information on (because the scenario I'm working with wouldn't happen in real life) is how would a US Marine from 1969 react to witnessing the detonation of a nuclear bomb? The scenario is this: the Marine in question is hiding out in a mountainous cave about 8,000 feet off the ground and ~2 miles away from ground zero. The cave is stocked with enough food and water to last about a week and a half with careful rationing; the bomb in question is a small neutron bomb, although no one can tell that at the time, and my research indicates that from that distance, they should suffer only mild effects from the radiation, if any, though I'm not sure my Marine would automatically think that. The assumption I'm running with is that he would be concerned about radiation, and try to get the people he's currently with to seal themselves* in the cave for a while until the more unstable isotopes have a chance to decay. Is that the right assumption to make, and if so, how long do you think he would reccomend sealing themselves in for? If not, what assumption should I be running with? And where would he be getting his information from: did the Marines recieve training for wilderness survival in case of nukes, or would it all have to be something gleaned from civilian life?

Thanks in advance!

*The people in question are aliens of the "yanked from Earth in the past by proper aliens" variety. He's on their planet, and the group of people he's hanging out with would have gotten along well with Ludd. So, he's pretty much the only one who knows what a mushroom cloud means. Yet another reason why I have trouble finding answers to my questions.
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