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fingernail removal and regrowth

Setting: Near-future (2049) tech, alternate-history world.

Happenings: Character is tortured by having his fingernails removed (by pliers & maybe exacto knives, nothing fancy). Other stuff happens to him, too, (cigarette burns, knocked about, etc) but that's probably the most lasting thing.

My mainest question is whether his fingernails will regrow or not. I'm thinking, if they're pulled/torn totally off, they won't, and several links I've been to agree with this idea, but lots of people on lots of fora give examples of how their nails did grow back after This or That Injury. I'm inclined to think in these injuries that the nail plate (see) came partially/fully off, but the nailbed was undamaged, and so regrew. So:

My Questions:
---- will the fingernails regrow? (If I have leeway on this, I have have some regrow and some not, or all not, or so.)

---- right now, do they have the tech to regrow his nails? (he doesn't particularly need them for anything, or at least not more than normal, so this'd be cosmetic)

---- will fingernails pulled out by pliers come totally off, or tear in pieces? (I guess this is important to whether they regrow or not.)

---- Bonus squick, sorry, guys: do the pliers pull upwards, or out? would the people who do this to him need to cut under the nail, first? IE, how to make sure the nail does come off? (pain is, after all, the point - they're trying to (and succeed in) get particularly important info from him.)

---- How long will his hands be bandaged/fixed/surgeried on after this happens? (I have a major event happening forty days later, and it would be ... effective if he could gesture with fingernailless hands.)

Research Tried: searching little_details' backposts on torture and fingernails, searching on The Google all things from "fingernail pulled out" to "fingernail regrow" and "fingernail torture regrow" and "lost fingernail" and "no fingernail" and suchlike; looking at provided links. Google has some unpleasant ingrow pics, but no pictures of a nail that's totally lost, or a finger that's totally without a nail.

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