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Upper Torso Stab Wound?

I need help with character being stabbed in the upper torso or perhaps the side, depending on your answers.

I have a character being beaten, then stabbed, then the assailant runs away. He is about six feet tall and an athlete in modern day US. He would be found within 15-30 minutes of being hurt. I don't want the wound to be fatal or even critical, but enough that he may pass out from blood loss and need surgery. So where's a good spot? Below the ribs, in between, etc? The knife would be 4+ inches. If the wound fits this criteria, how long would a full recovery take? I can't find anything about recovery time for stab wounds except for very serious ones. I have found some okay descriptions of the pain and feeling of being stabbed, such as shock preventing people from even realizing it first, but extra detail would be greatly appreciated.

If this doesn't jive medically I will change the circumstances.


I have searched Google for: "stab wound," "stab wound recovery," "stab wound recovery time," "stab wound pain," "chest wound recovery" with all different kinds of combinations and synonyms. All I find are news articles about specific people being stabbed with no descriptions of the feeling of being stabbed or the actual recovery time, articles on first-aid for a stab wound, or case studies that are not about the right area and full of jargon.
I did find two somewhat helpful descriptions of the pain. I also searched for a similar question in this community under many different tags, but almost everything about stabbing had to do with stomach wounds.

Thank you!

Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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