w_a_i_d (w_a_i_d) wrote in little_details,

When chloral doesn't work

Setting: London, 1886.
Searched: Chloral symptoms, chloral altered awareness. I also checked for chloral experiences on Erowid,

A doctor in his early 30s has been suffering from insomnia for several months and taking chloral to help him sleep. Gradually he has increased the dosage as he develops a resistance to it. Not actually wanting to do a Lily Bart, he resolves he mustn't go any higher than forty grains. (I hope I've got this right, I'm going for a "worryingly high but not outright stupid" dose.)

One night he takes forty grains and still can't fall asleep.

All I want to know is whether he would show any obvious symptoms of having taken something.  I daresay he shouldn't  operate heavy machinery, but would he seem to himself or others to be "altered" in any way? Or would he just be exhausted and awake, as if he hadn't taken a thing?

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