cuddyclothes (cuddyclothes) wrote in little_details,

Turning While Riding Bareback

Hi, everyone - me again.  I hope I am not spamming this community.  Okay, I'm working on a bareback horse chase, using all of the great material I've gotten here, plus lots of YouTube and  Here's a question that none of them seem to be able to answer:

The heroine is riding on the front of the horse, the hero behind her holding onto the leather strap around the horse's withers.  Would it be possible for her to turn completely around while riding, or would she have to dismount?  Assuming the hero does not get off the horse.

Thank you so much.  I've also tried Google "turning body while riding a horse,", "turning while riding a horse," "riding a horse backwards", but none of these have answered my questions.  They tend to be about stunt riding or turning the horse itself.

ETA: Question answered!  Thank you!
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), europe: history, ~animals: horses

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