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College Life During WWI

Setting: USA, 1916-18ish

1. Mostly I'm looking for any information I can on life, especially residence life, at an American university during (or around the time of) WWI. Would the set-up be relatively like modern traditional dorms, with some sort of dorm head (and would this be staff or a prof?). Was there a curfew? How would cafeterias work? What would the student relationships with the professors be like? Information on what classes would have been like is good too, although I've been able to find more on that. It doesn't really matter which university, because I'm willing to blend things from different places and have the specific location be pretty vague. This is at a men's university, though.

2. I'm also trying to find information on what discipline would be like. What would the punishment be for fighting?

Of less importance, but:

How long would it have taken for news of deaths in the war to reach family still in the US? Could I get away with family finding out fairly soon if the one who died was an officer/died in hospital/was shot for desertion? Also, would any ordinary post have been getting through from Europe (or Russia specifically)?

Also, is it likely that there would have been rumours that the US was going to enter the war and conscript before they actually happened -- such that the MC could enroll at university earlier to avoid it? I'm assuming yes.

Research: googled various combinations of college/university (also tried some specific unis like Harvard, Cornell, KU, Chicago) + on-campus violence + discipline + disciplinary measures + dorm life + residence + WWI + 1910s. Possibly my google-fu is just really faily, but I couldn't really find anything.

OMG lots of questions.
Tags: 1910-1919, usa: education: higher education, usa: history (misc), ~world war i

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