jezziejay (jezziejay) wrote in little_details,

Medical Case Wanted!!!

Hi. *Waves*
I'm writing a medical based fic - if you can help, I'd be very grateful.  Info under the cut, thanks!

A patient is brought into a hospital, unconscious and with no medical history.  His stats are critical.  The doctors run all sorts of tests on him, but can't figure out what is wrong.  The following day a medical history is handed in and the doctor reading it figures out what is wrong with the patient.  The medical history is crucial to the diagnosis.  So what I'm wondering is -

What tests would be run on an unconscious patient?
What could be missed in testing that would be found in a patient's medical history?
What might this illness be?
What tests would confirm this illness?

Have tried googling info on many illness, such as the bends, sarcoidosis, TB, amiolidosis, guillain barre syndrome, cancers, tumours - but cannot find specific 'missed then found' info.
This is kind of a back story of the fic I'm trying to write, but I do need some accuracy.
Feel free to choose any illness you like, providing that it is an illness, and that it would not be picked up by routine testing.
Many thanks!!!!

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