Meckerziege (gelbes_gilatier) wrote in little_details,

How does the US Air Force keep track of their reservists?

Time period: present day.
Question: How does the US Air Force keep track of reservists, particularly of those in the Standby Reserve? Are they required to check back  (with the Air Force Reserve Personnel Center? Some other institution?) in certain intervals of time and/or tell them about any changes of location and/or occupation and/or personal life (marriages, children etc.)? If yes, how do they do that (a phone call, a letter, certain forms, appearing in person?) and if it's required in certain intervals of time, what are those? What do reservists who moved to another country do? If they do have to keep in touch with the Air Force Reserve Command on a regular base/are required to tell them about changes, what would happen if a reservist failed to check back/inform them of the changes?

I looked up the Air Force Reserve at Wikipedia, looked up the fact sheet at and tried to google several combinations of USAF, US Air Force, Reservists and keeping track but didn't get any satisfying results (actually, I got no results at all). I'd be happy if someone could help me :)
Tags: usa: government (misc), usa: military (misc), ~military (misc)

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