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Iliad translations in the early '50's (and a vacation question)

This seems like an oddly specific question, and if there's no easy answer I can easily fudge it, I suppose, but I'm really curious. And I'm sorry if any of these, particularly the translation-related ones, are stupid questions; I've kind of had my classics geekery handed to me on a plate.

The year is 1951, in an unspecified part of the East Coast, though I'm presuming New York. My MC is a very bright twelve-year-old; in the story I'm working on, he's reading Homer's Iliad on the down-low.

Where might he get his hands on a copy? I was betting on from the family library, even if it's a rather disused copy, but failing that, a library or a bookstore? And what's the most likely translation for him to have? (I'm definitely assuming this is a translation, and I don't want to assume that in this time period the classics are as much a ZOMG NERDS ONLY pursuit, but neither of his parents are big readers.) While the book itself can be expensive (his family is quite well-off) for the purposes of the story the translation itself doesn't have to be anything special or academically prized.

And as a bonus question: he comes from a rather well-off family; are they likely to go on vacation? Where? I'm really not sure how to Google for this one.

Terms Googled: 1950s Iliad, 20th century iliad translation, common iliad translation, most common iliad translation

(As you can tell, I don't really know what to Google, if you can give me any pointers in that direction I'd be really grateful! I also used Wiki Magic and found a partial list of English translations in general, but that doesn't help me much as for which he'd actually have.)

ETA: Thanks for all the fantastic responses! This is more information than I'd ever expected and it's got me jumping to write already.

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