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Psychology of evil - methoids of psychoanalysis

Setting: high fantasy mixed with real world contemporary
Previous searches: Not sure this is 'searchable', its a question regarding methodology rather than information

I have experience of psychology (degree level modules) and a stack of books on my shelf which cover the academic issues of the subject. However, I am uncertain over issues of psychoanalysis practise having never been psychoanalysed or had any experience of this save from fiction. I would like some thoughts about this from actual practising counsellors or psychiatrists...


Imagine you are a psychiatrist or similar therapist and you have, on your couch, an epitome of stereotypical evil. Darth Vader, Blofeld, Sauron, Saruman... a character who is obviously, unashamedly and blatantly evil in a way which no real person ever can be. The question I have is:

- how would you progress with the session? What methods and theories would you consider using?

- What questions would you start with? What diagnosis would you draw from answers to these questions?

- Would you consider a treatment regime? If so, what?
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