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trickster gods in Northeastern American Indian mythology

SO I'm trying to write this story wherein basically a very unfortunate family gets caught up in the lives of some American Indian gods, trickster gods in particular. I really wanted to use Coyote and Raven, but since the setting is Northeastern USA, I didn't know if they would be appropriate to use. Basically: are there any trickster gods specific to either the Lenape Delaware or Wampanoag tribes (haven't decided which yet)? Alternatively would Coyote and Raven still be recognizable figures in these areas / do any stories involve them going this far east?

My story is set in present-day, in either eastern Pennsylvania or Massachusetts (thus the different tribes).

I've been reading American Indian Myths and Legends edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz, I've been relying on this site pretty heavily, I've read a lot of Raven and Coyote stories (though since there are about a billion zillion million of them any that you want to link to would be very helpful and appreciated), and I've googled many combinations of "Lenape"/"Wampanoag," "tribe," "mythology," "legend," "Raven," "Coyote," and "trickster."

P.S. If I'm committing any kind of serious gaffe here out of my general ignorance of American Indian history and culture PLEASE let me know!
Tags: ~native americans, ~religion & mythology (misc)

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