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Information Post - Mid-Century Gays and Lesbians in America

Two articles - thanks to sparkymonster for bringing them to my attention:

An article on two men who recently married after having been together since 1945. This may be useful for those writing romances with a mid-century setting, although it sounds as though this couple probably represent the best-case scenario (middle-class, heavily involved in local theatre, and had the tacit acceptance of their families). I find it interesting that by modern standards they were neither in nor out - they did not actually describe themselves to others as a couple until the 1990s, and their friends and family never raised the issue - otoh, they went everywhere together, and the father of one left a posthumous letter telling them to look after each other.

An 89-year-old veteran of the Stonewall riots. This woman, by contrast, was much more open and militant, perhaps by necessity - there is less detail in this article, partly because she is now suffering from Alzheimers and it was difficult to get firm details from her. However the article might be a good starting point for someone researching Greenwich Village in the 1950s.
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