scully_208 (scully_208) wrote in little_details,

Royal Victorian Dinner Parties?

I'm writing a Victorian Era-style novel, it's steampunk. The King (yes that's right, a King) is holding a huge dinner party in celebration of a long-awaited Airship port opening. There are guests from all over, and what I'm wondering is, what happens after the meal part of the celebration? Several questions below:

- What happens after the meal? What would the King and his guests do?

- What would they drink?

- Would there be a set hour for the party to end?

- With the party running incredibly late, would the King and his family be able to retire to bed while some of his guests were still awake?

- For the guests staying overnight at the palace - was it considered rude for several guests to stay up til dawn if they wished?

I've tried googling "victorian era dining" "victorian era banquets" "victorian dinner etiquette" "victorian royal dinner party" and similar searches. Not really finding specifics on what I need.

Thanks in advance for any help :) 
Tags: 1800s (no decades given), uk: food and drink

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