running out of time and one liners (cantspell) wrote in little_details,
running out of time and one liners

motels of middling quality in the LA area

I apologize, because this is one of those questions I wouldn't even really know how to google in the first place...

Setting: Los Angeles and the surrounding area, early 2000's

I have two characters who are looking for a motel where they can have sex away from the interference of roommates and parents. I don't want somewhere that's a rent by the hour type where there's going to be hookers and dealers next door, but nothing elaborate either. Something very simple but clean and reasonably safe, preferably with room doors that open to the outside rather than a lobby (they're a bit paranoid about being seen together).

I don't need the name of a specific motel, but I'm wondering if there's an area in or around LA where one would reasonably expect to find places like this?

Thanks in advance!

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