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British Police Approach to an Ongoing Assault

Setting: modern day London

I have two male characters in a BDSM relationship. The Dom is a brunet and the sub is a blond. One night while acting out a scene/some violence, they accidentally leave open a few windows due to earlier heat, and a peeking neighbor sees what she thinks is an attack/abuse and calls the police.

In the end, I plan for it all to be cleared up, the BDSM explained and such. But, in order to get to that point...

I've searched multiple variations of this post's title and found nothing of use.

My questions:

1.) If they are simply told that there is domestic abuse occurring, would they first knock on the door/ring the doorbell and demand the inhabitants open up, or would they kick down the door and barge straight in? (The woman's description of the violence she saw was one man smacking and throwing around the other man; she gives no reason to believe it's murder or anything more serious).

2.) She did, however, say that the brunet was the one abusing and that the blond was the victim. If the police, upon entering, see the two men, would they immediately arrest/contain the brunet? Like, handcuff him, hold him down/press him against the wall, ect? (And/or try to get the blond away?) Or, would they simply push the two men away from each other before arresting anyone? Or what else would they do?

3.) If both men explained how it was, that they were in the BDSM relationship, would the police take their word for it? Or would they try to talk to the men separately to make sure the brunet isn't intimidating the blond and whatnot? Would they make their decision based on how the couple is acting?

4.) Either way for #3, would the couple have to give an official statement of any kind, and/or go down to a police station for exams/statements/ect.? Or, if the police believe them, will they just be able to calmly end it there?

5.) There's going to be a swarm of reporters outside, basically asking what's going on, as the sub is also a very powerful and famous businessman. How much will the police be officially allowed to say to them about what happened? (The couple will eventually give a statement about it).

6.) Er, police questions in general, as I don't watch many cop shows, letalone British cop shows. (I'm American, and the only British fandom I'm really involved with is in a medieval setting - this is a modern AU of the show).
a.) How many officers would be called in for the case?

b.) What the hell is the difference between a normal police officer and a police constable? British police titles have been confusing the hell out of me! (This isn't quite necessary, but I would like to know so I don't make a complete idiot out of myself...:D).


Thank you all so much for your help! Thank you for the details of the police issues (nice to know that British police only use violence when necessary, rather than default on it like American police). And I really hadn't known about the blond/brunet thing! Here, it's just another word to describe people. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. :D

To detail a few issues that were brought up...

A.) There will be reporters because the couple (more specifically, the sub/businessman) previously pissed off a destitute free-lance reporter, and he's been following them around and trying to get something on them since then. It had mostly consisted of trying to spy on the businessman's company, as it's notoriously working on a "secret project" (it's a computer company - the project is an all-new software package, and they're using the secrecy to build up the hype for marketing purposes). But, said reporter will take anything, so long as it makes them miserable (he already knows they're quite into BDSM, but previous attempts to use their kinkiness against them proved fruitless). He's calling in a media frenzy because he can, basically.

B.) The couple fall into the middle/upper class range (don't know exactly how that would translate from Yank to Brit), and live like it, very nice neighborhood and home, well-kept, ect. The sub actually has a lot more money than that due to his company's rising power, but because of some issues with his family/childhood, tends to prefer a little less glamorous life, and usually uses his money for boatloads of charitable purposes and for lots of pointlessly extensive vacations and hobbies, rather than spending it all at home.

C.) The Dom is fully dressed in normal clothing, and has no injuries/marks of any kind, and as he's clothed, he answers the door first (he does have to shout a bit that he's coming, and nearly doesn't get to the door in time - but, he does get there before the police have to resort to anything more drastic). The sub gets his collar off and dons a bathrobe - he bears no marks on his face or neck, and has visible but light bruising on his wrists, ankles, and shoulders.

D.) The entire purpose of this storyline/scene is basically to start some trouble for the couple for later reasons in the story, in the form of an issue with police being inherently bad for publicity, and reporters already there as the scene unfolds to spread the crazy news (much of it initially incorrect as reporters are wont to do, especially with mentally unstable ones dedicated towards your downfall in the mix). Just to give an idea of what I'm looking to achieve with the details of this story/scene.

Again, thank you!
Tags: ~sexual abuse & assault

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