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A Few Last Questions About New Orleans Slang?

For a recap to my story's background: Young (18-year-old) Caucasian man that was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana in an area outside of the French Quarter. He isn't of mixed ethnicity and is of middle class, but is no stranger to knowing lower-class people and at one point in his life wanted to imitate them due to being in a gang. His older sister was legally awarded custody of him a few years before the current date. While he's moved in the past year with his older sister to Japan, he'd still use whatever slang he was raised with or picked up along the way to describe things, rooms in a house, etc. Since this is a roleplay, I've had to play him already, but want to establish a few details to elaborate on his background. I've already had some wonderful help from some great people (thank you again!), but had a few last questions, mostly concerning regional terms for certain things and what age group they're used in.

Spaghetti sauce vs. gravy, red sauce, etc
The regional phrase for 'turn signal' there
How often the phrase 'for true' is used there if at all
'Mischief Night' vs 'devil's night' or other phrases
robe vs house coat
traffic circle vs roundabout, circle, etc
jughandle vs cloverleaf
kleenex vs tissue

While I've looked up a few sites, Wikipedia, Google, and this helpful link here: (this being the Louisiana state breakdown) but a lot of the stats are statewide and I know dialect can vary from a city vs its suburbs. If anyone can add anything they can think of that someone from the north (like me) would need to be clued in on in terms of slang and regional things people say and the situations they say it in, I'd also be very appreciative.

I apologize in advance if this violates any community rules, but I saw nothing specific when I checked before I posted. Thank you again, everybody.

Edit: As a side note, I've also heard that Louisiana in general handles its legal problems by parish and that the court systems there are different than in other parts of the country. Googling 'Louisiana court system' didn't give me much info, so if anyone can make a general explanation, it would be appreciated. Also added a detail or two about character information.
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