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Anon post: long-term effects of inflicted injuries

Note for poster: I rejected your post asking for the details to be put behind an LJ-cut, but LJ is having email notification issues right now so that may be why you didn't get the notice. I'm rejecting the second post you put into the queue for the same reason, and posting it so that you don't have to wait any longer.

My question is - I have a character who I have given life-changing
injuries to, resulting from torture. The timeframe is 1464, the place is
England in the real universe.

The character lost his left hand, eye and ear. He also lost his right
thumb and a good few teeth, taken at random. I know they didn't call it
"phantomb limb pain" but that's one of his problems and he takes regular
doses of medicinal herbs for it (I'm going with the fact that as it's
several years since the torture and he did finally get access to skilled
treatment, they will have hit on the right herbs to help with the pain:
even modern medicine has a problem dealing with phantom limb pain).

I also want him to have a limp and have problems speaking. I was thinking
of having him been literally ham-strung for the limp - I know from
on-line searches that this will make him "lame" but the problem is I
can't find out HOW lame - would he be able to walk at all? I've looked at
the tags under "torture" and it looks like I could as an alternative use
an Achilles tendon injury so if the answer is ham-stringing would
completely cripple him, I'll go with that. (I've looked up ham-stringing
online but i only get links about how it 'was' used in pre-historic times
to cripple the enemy and modern knowledge on sports science.

For the voice - under the "hanging" tag and through searching for
"hanging scars" and "botched hanging" etc, I know that an incomplete
hanging would lead to some marking and rasping of the voice but - was
this permanent? Would repeated stringing-up which wasn;t intended to kill
have permanent results? I don't need the scar but I DO want the vocal
cord damage without him having been cut (infection risk - they didnt'
care at the time if they killed him or not but I want his survival to be

and yes I know he'd be mentally screwed-up from all this - that's
required: part of the fic deals with his change of personality and the
essential point is that the torturers turned him: he's now in his old
household, who he feels betrayed him to his torturers, spying FOR his

TIA for any information.
Tags: ~hanging, ~medicine: injuries to order, ~torture

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