MamaCheshire (cheshire23) wrote in little_details,

College dorm rules? What and when?

This is kind of a weird one, so bear with me...

I know there are still a handful of colleges that have extremely strict rules regarding dress codes, curfews, opposite-sex visitation, and the like. However, this doesn't seem to be the case with any public (or non-religious private) school anymore.

I guess what I'm after is an idea of 1) a time period during which such things were still enforced at public or non-religious private colleges and 2) a more exact idea of WHAT the rules would have been, and possibly 3) how strictly they were enforced. I've got vague story ideas where this is relevant kicking around in my head, but I really can't do much with them until I have a better idea of exactly what time period I'd be talking about here.

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