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Contagious baby diseases

I have a child character (11 years old) whom I've had trouble getting a solid grip on. He will, in my story, kill another kid due to various circumstances, in front of his "classmates" (it's not a traditional school setting). There is drama leading up to this, of course, but somehow it hasn't seemed to be enough to actually motivate him to do such a thing, especially since he has been raised and trained not to solve conflicts with violence first-hand. I need him to snap, but being an outcast and mildly harrassed by his peers doesn't feel like a good enough reason. So I was thinking, and if he, as a baby, was left on his own, with very little physical contact and affection, that could seriously damage his empathy levels, couldn't it?

And if that's the case, I would need a reason for him to be left alone as a wee baby. A contagious disease? Since his genes were tampered with when he was still a fetus, could I just "invent" a new disease? It would be nice if I could find a real one, though, to make it feel more realistic.

So, can lack of physical affection and contact in your baby years lead to lack of empathy later on?
Is there a contagious baby disease which would cause the baby to be quarantained?

I have googled and did not find what I was looking for. Any help would be appreciated, as usual.

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