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Questions regarding the Wehrmacht and disciplinary actions, and life in Nazi Germany.

Hello all.

I'm writing a short story in which a German officer, during World War II, is posted to Paris and begins an affair with a 17-year-old French boy. If the officer was to be caught and outed as a homosexual - what measures would be taken?

I am planning for the officer to be caught by another German officer in a compromising position with his lover: my question is, would he be arrested? Stripped of his rank? Imprisoned? Sent to a concentration camp? I really have no idea what would happen - any knowledge would be greatly valued. Would there be a trial of any kind or would it be dealt with quietly? As the officer is a married man, would his family be informed? Would the Gestapo deal with him?

I have read several books on life in Nazi Germany but still want to know one or two things to make everything authentic:

After the German losses on the Eastern Front in 1942, would I be correct in saying that support for the Nazis fell slightly? Or did the support increase?

Approximately what percentage of Nazi Germany in about 1942/1943, were ardent Nazis? Was faith in the Fuhrer failing? 

In 1942/43, what shape did the German rationing take? Were there food shortages? Was the German public in good spirits?

Any books you could recommend would be wonderful - I'd be extremely grateful for any information you could give.
Tags: germany: history, ~world war ii

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