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Llama information

I am writing a short story taking place in the 2008-2009ish time period (recent).  It's about a character who is running from the police.

The specific scene I need help with is where the character climbs a fence into the Lake Tobias Animal Park (I believe that's the name of it.  It's outside of harrisburg).  Anywho, I'm considering him climbing onto one of the Llamas there and using it to escape.  I kno wit's probably unlikely that somebody would choose a llama but it's supposed to be humorous so...

Anyways, I need to know mainly two things:

How fast can a Llama run and if people are allergic to them.

I googled things like: how fast can llamas run, llama speed, allergic to llamas, and for wikipedia I just used 'llama'.  None of the articles I found satisfied my need.

I found this article but it was very opinion-based and not very helpful.
Tags: ~animals (misc)

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