munchkinofdoom (munchkinofdoom) wrote in little_details,

FBI promotion procedures

Am writing a Numb3rs fic. In a particular episode, a special agent mentioned that, if she turned down a promotion offered, she wouldn't get another shot at promotion for three years. It is hard to tell from her dialogue and body language if this was due to FBI procedures or if she was merely estimating how long it would take for another such position to come up. She had been offered the supervisor of the Denver office's organised crime unit.

I have checked the law enforcement and usa: government: law enforcement tags here, the FBI website, googled FBI promotion procedures, FBI human resources and checked wiki. The closest I could get was a news report of an agent being barred from consideration for promotion for 1 year after having to refuse a promotion due to problems with selling her condo.

So, I'm hoping someone here knows if the FBI specifically bars a person from consideration for promotions after refusing a promotion, and how variable the duration of that bar might be.
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi

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