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Kansas Mental Hospitals/Admissions/Solitary Confinement Cells

Hey guys! Glad I found you. You are just who I was looking for.

Here's a few questions for you!

Do any of you have any idea what the process is for being admitted into a mental hospital in Kansas?

Could you find me any info on what the rooms would be like? Furnishings and things like that?

I also need info on what a solitary confinement cell would be like in this sort of place.

If it helps, my character is a VERY low-risk patient. He has delusions, but almost all the patients in that particular mental hospital do.... it's part of my plot line that most of them have delusions.

I googled "mental hospital rooms, Kansas mental hospital admissions, solitary confinement cells, solitary confinement procedures, Kansas mental health procedures."  It didn't turn up much to help me with any of this.

Thanks for all your help!!!

Edit: This is modern day, in case that helps! 

Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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