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Dockyard + illegal Russian imports

Hello guys, I have a few questions, I tried Googling them (docks ID laws, wharf ID laws, wharf/docks ID rules, docks diagram) but I don't even know where to start. 

Setting: modern day. A character goes for a walk at the docks. Her friend, who used to work at the docks, promises to find out the identity of a guy arriving at the docks on a certain day. 


1. When boats dock, do they just drop anchor or do they use rope to tie themselves to the dock? If so, is there a nautical name for the rope/the bits they tie themselves to? I honestly have no idea how to even formulate this query. 

2. If someone wants to schedule arriving at a dockyard, how would they go about this  ("how to dock a boat" comes up with only practical tips)? Do they need to show any ID? What about if this is the second time they are arriving at the same docks in the same boats?

3. Somewhere along the line, the character discovers that someone she knows is involved in smuggling something out of Russia and into the UK, but what could it be? I found this but "Russian Mafia illegally exports ozone-depleting gases" sounds... weird. But besides that, I don't know. Drugs? Russia isn't the most major producer of drugs as far as I'm aware (though if I'm wrong, great! Well, not great for Russia but great for the story). Guns? 

Thank you in advance for your help and sorry if I asked anything stupid!

Edit: the dockyard in question would be fictional, so any rules will do. 

As for the type of boat... I really don't know yet! It depends on the type of thing being smuggled, I guess. I think I'm going to go with a big cargo ship.

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