Kate (katejaneway) wrote in little_details,

Standard Marine Protocol

Genre: Basic Fiction/Drama

Situation: Basically I have a character who is an enlisted Marine Sergeant, presently stationed in Afghanistan. I'm writing a scene where his family believes he died, as the Marine Corp didn't recover his body after an explosion by an ICB on the road.

I have some vague idea of how an Army officer would report a death to a family from the movie The Messenger. Additionally, I had done several google searches but failed to find anything useful.

Questions: If the Marines believe someone was MIA, how long would they search for them if they were pretty sure the person was captured by insurgents?

Would they bother informing the family if they knew the person was MIA, before they gave up the search?

Once they gave up the search and believed the person to be dead, how would they approach the family and what would they tell them?
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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