Natalie (bellax_xmuerte) wrote in little_details,

Widower father.

I'm looking to find information on widower dads (my character has two young daughters.)
I'm aware of a few blogs- which are superb. But i'm looking for more points of view. I want to read about as many widowed fathers as possible to deepen my understanding of what they are going through. I'm stuggling to come up with info and google just wont help me out.

EDIT(more info):
The story is set in england, present day. The girls are 5 and 7. Their mother died somewhat unexpectedly. I really want to know how the father would explain the situation straight after the mum's death, and then a few months down the line, to his girls.

I'm not exactly an expert on trying to explain loss too children either... so help on that would be great.

Also, how would he help to keep her memory alive, approach mother's day etc.

Tags: ~childrearing

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