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California rules on stripping and if strippers have contracts with certain places

I'm writing a story where one of the main characters is a stripper and I've been searching through a lot of stripper blogs so as to write the profession correctly and respectfully.

Setting of Story: San Francisco, California. Modern times.

Search words I've tried: California stripper laws. California stripping laws. Stripper rules California. And so on....

Blogs I've gone through: this, this, and there were a few more but unfortunately my laptop accidentally got turned off and I hadn't bookmarked those. If anyone has suggestions to other excellent stripper blogs, that would be great too!

I have a few questions on two aspects of stripping that I seem to have trouble looking for within all the blogs I've tried looking in.

1. From what I understand, states differ on how far a stripper can go with their routine, right? Like, if you flash your genitalia in some places, you can get thrown in jail. What I like to know is what are the specific laws California has on stripping?

2. My other question is how strippers work in the clubs. Do they sign on to a specific place they work in for a certain amount of time? Or are they independent and go to different places to offer their services? Is there a contract involved?
Tags: usa: california, ~strip clubs

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