seekingnevada (seekingnevada) wrote in little_details,

Insults in Greek

Setting: Somewhere in the future, off-planet. However, I'm looking for the modern translation.

Situation: One of my characters is a polyglot with a bitchy streak, putting together an insult. The full phrase is,

"He has the build of a Grecian statue... including the small penis."

But I'm looking for the (italicised) second half to be in Greek itself. As my Greek consists of about three words, I'm at a total loss.

I've tried looking at a few websites with lists of insults, but I wouldn't even begin to know how to put together a clause and the phrases I'm finding online look a bit suspect anyway. The more formal the words the better, as he's a real show-off.

I cannot think of another place I could ask a question like this; you guys are awesome.
Tags: ~languages: greek

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