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Lost Boarding Pass

Setting: PHX, Phoenix
Time: Now...ish

Situation: Okay, so it's not really just as cut-and-dry as losing one's boarding pass. That's no fun and it's an easy fix. The full scope of the situation is this:

I've got a guy trying to get from Las Vegas to New York. Whilst still in Vegas, all flights wind up grounded for two days owing to a freak snowstorm that knocked out the entire valley (true story. It sucked). When he finally manages to get a flight out to New York two days later (on another airline), the plane has trouble and has to make an emergency stop in Phoenix.

Our weary traveller at this point suddenly finds that his bag has been stolen, and with it, his boarding pass. Would he be able to get his boarding pass back in this situation?

Tearms searched: lost boarding pass, grounded flight procedure, lost boarding pass grounded flights; checked community tags
Tags: ~travel: air travel

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