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bipolar meds for teens

Question: I need to find a suitable medicine for a bipolar teenager. 
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I have a 16-year-old male character who was misdiagnosed with bipolar II disorder just under two years before the events of the story. He knows he is not bipolar (long story, not crucial to this question), and flushes all of his medicine down the toilet. But I'm about to write a chapter centered around his mother, and I'm having trouble choosing a medicine. 

At first I had him on Abilify, but I was researching it today and found a lot of bad reviews and stories about the drug, and decided to look for a new one. I don't know where to start, though. I can't find any specific names when I Google it, just information about medication in general. Does anyone know of a good one that might be prescribed to a 16-year-old boy? 

The story takes place in present-day Upstate New York. The character sees a pediatric psychiatrist - a boring, old-fashioned woman in her late 50s. What has been diagnosed as bipolar disorder is actually sort of split personalities (he's sharing his brain with his dead sister - hard to explain), so to his family and doctors he goes through fits of rage, fits of depression where he can't get out of bed, and on several occasions his sister will take over his body and cause trouble - once she makes him throw Dr. Pepper on a girl at school. His doctor sees him as violent and is determined that he is suicidal. 

I hope that's enough information. 
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