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Insider's details, procedures, on celebrity photoshoots/music videos

For an original novel in progress, I need some pretty detailed descriptions of how celebrity and/or band photoshoots are carried out and what usually happens before, during, and after one.
1) For people who regularly appear in a certain magazine, is there some ongoing contract for photos and interviews, or are these arranged on a case by case basis?
2) Do celebrities usually have one or two favored photographers or studios to whom they usually go for photos? Do agents contact studios/photographers, or is it the other way around? Do magazines tend to have staff phographers or particular studios with which they have contracts?
3) Is clothing provided by the studio, the magazine's company, or do the celebs themselves or their agents select clothing? If it's provided, do the celebs get to pick and choose from a selection, and keep what they're given? Same thing with props.
4) Do the celebs or agents get to go over the pictures to help select images or reject unfavorable pics?
5) What are the laws/regulations regarding minors as extras in photoshoots? For example, what sorts of things would have to happen if a band were to dress kids up as themselves and have photos used in magazines or photobooks?

Now for some questions about music videos:
1) Does a musical artist usually have creative control over a music video, or does most of the concepting and creative work fall to the director?
2) How are arrangements made to shoot film in busy public places such as hospitals, historic sites, etc., or on restricted, possibly hazardous private property such as industrial sites? Are local governments willing to help out by temporarily blocking streets, posting announcements, monitoring safety?
3) How long does it take to shoot film for a music video?
4) Is it particularly difficult for musicians to play different parts of songs to make various shots synch up with the track played over the video? What I mean is, if a video cuts between many locations and intermixes the different location shots throughout the song, do musicians have a hard time shooting one location at a time and having to play random snippets of the song?

x_x; After typing the word "celebrity" so many times, I start to wonder if it's even a real word.

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