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Royal Ballet School Lower School Uniform, 1960's

Hi! I have a character who is a student at the Royal Ballet School (England) in the 1960's. She's eleven, it's her first year. I am looking for information on what colors her uniform - both for dance and academic classes - would have been.

Most of my searches have been variations on "royal ballet school uniform," "royal ballet school colors," "royal ballet school 1960's." I found some helpful images (under the cut), but the ones from the sixties are in black and white.

I know that the uniform changed recently - in the late 1990's the school uniform was grey skirts, white shirts, and red cardigans, but the current uniform is dark blue. I'm not sure how long the red/white/grey combo was around. I also would like to find out what color the summer uniform - under the cut - would have been.

And then there's the dance uniform. I found a picture showing what they likely looked like, but again, it's black and white. The current color for first-year girls is I believe pink, but I am not sure if this would be the same color for the "dancing tunics" of fifty years ago. (I randomly know that the accessories - belt, headband, shoes - were pink, and the socks white, which was mentioned in Lynn Seymour's biography.) The picture of the tunics is below this cut.

I'm considering e-mailing the museum at the Royal Ballet School to ask, but past experience has shown such inquiries tend not to get answered. If anyone has a suggestion on what might get me a response, I'd really love the help!

Thank you!
Tags: 1960-1969, uk: education, ~arts: ballet, ~clothing

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