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U.S. Army Regulations / Foster Parenting & Adoption, Child Protection & Social Services

I am writing a story in which my main character joined the army so that they would pay for his medical school. I'm afraid that my knowledge of the military is mostly superficial, and I'm more well versed in Canadian rather than American military protocols so, I have quite a few questions. (The story takes place in the current era, or perhaps because of some of the medical technology, in the not-too distant future, some time between 2015-2030.)

I have read the information on the US Army info site, most of which is pertaining to people with a HS diploma/GED. I've also read linked websites regarding advanced enlistment rank for people who have obtained a post-secondary degree, none mentions Master's programs or Post-Grad (ie. Med School). I've searched variations on "US Army Ranks" "US army doctor" "Join the army doctor" and most refer to information about medical waivers and examinations upon joining the army. I've found this on the US medical corps, as well as finding and downloading the relevant eligibility requirements, but reading it is proving extremely difficult and I can't seem to find the details I need.
  1. Would the Army pay for his medical school? Would he be required to serve his term of service before, or would the need for doctors outweigh their need for infantry (which is what I assumed) and have them put him straight through medical school? If the latter, then would he be considered a military member for the duration of his medical school, and would he be required to undergo basic training etc. before or after he completed med school?
  2. What is ROTC? Would he have had to do ROTC during his undergraduate degree in order to qualify as an officer? 
  3. Upon completion of medical school, would he be required to do an internship? Would he be serving in a military hospital in the US, or be posted overseas? What would his starting rank most likely be?
  4. Assuming that he has extremely positive reports from all his COs, how quickly/slowly is he likely to be promoted?
  5. What would his minimum term of service be, as the Army paid for his med. school?
  6. After his min. term of service is finished, if he wanted to remain in the Army, what process is involved? How often would he have to re-enlist (or whatever the appropriate term may be)?
  7. If wounded severely while overseas, how severe would the wound need to be, in order for him to be discharged?
  8. If wounded near the end of his term of service, would the Army take care of his medical needs only until he left, or until his wound was fully healed? What if he faces permanent injury?
  9. What is the process for an honorary discharge? Once discharged, is he still considered to be a member of the military? Would he still be referred to by his (former) rank?
  10. Can someone explain to me the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy? Does this apply to military members who have finished their service/left the military? If my main character realizes that he is gay after leaving the army, would his old army buddies be able to discuss this with him? Would he be able to tell them at all? 
Not pertaining to the US Army, but also discussing the same story... Once again, I haven't been able to find information on American institutions rather than Canadian ones. I know that they are mostly state-run, but my story takes place in a fictional city that I have intentionally not placed in any specific state, so I need details that aren't necessarily specific to one state. General information / regulations upheld across varying states are best. I've google searched and looked on wikepedia, but I seem to be getting general information or sites/journals talking about children needing adoption, as opposed to the specific details i need.

  1. What are the requirements to qualify as a temporary placement foster home? Are there additional certifications required (Other than CPR/First Aid etc.)
  2. What is the process for having a child put into a temporary foster home?
  3. What is the process for having a child removed from a temporary foster home, once a permanent placement has been found?
  4. Would my main character qualify as a temporary foster parent?
  5. If he forms a strong attachment to one of the children under his care, would he be able to adopt them? 
  6. What kinds of problems would he run into, if he was trying to adopt?
  7. What would Social Services' likely response be?
  8. If a person suspected that a young person was being abused, how would such an investigation be started/carried out?
  9. If a person suspects that a young person is being abused by their foster parents, how would they report this? What kind of proof would be required for that young person to be removed from the foster home? What kind of repercussions would the foster home face?
  10. If a school counselor/psychologist has been told, in confidence, that a student is being abused, it's their duty to report the incident to social services regardless of confidentiality agreements. Are they allowed to talk to social services if they only suspect abuse? Are there any other circumstances under which they would be allowed to break confidentiality and speak to someone else?
Thank you for your time!
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