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Epilepsy Meds and other stuff

I have the hardest time researching this. I get so many different answers that I get the feeling I should just make up something and call it good. I would love to hear about any personal experiences with this.

So, my main character is 17. Just diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Would it be a fast diagnosis? Or many many tests? I read where it took like 5 seizures and months to determine the diagnosis. That just seems to long, to me.

And medicines. Is there a more common type? Dose range?

He still has seizures every once and awhile, a couple times were during very high stress occasions. Would that be cause to up the medication?

Payment. He gets kicked out of the house and has no money, no job, goes to an unfamiliar city, and like a 3 month supply of meds. Would taking fewer help to make them last longer? even if it increases his seizures? Could he get more meds? Easily? He has no medical coverage. (I am kinda looking for a way for him to NOT get any more medication, I just don't want for him to look like an idiot for not getting obvious help).

And lastly, going cold-turkey on his meds. Been taking them for about 8 months with good success. How often would his seizures end up being? Every other day too unbelievable? Could it be even worse?

Big thanks to anyone who can help with even one of those things.

This takes place in the USA (West Coast).

Also, to anyone who has seizures, grand mal, do you know before you are going to have them, odd sensations? And about how long does it take you to recover after? Any talking possible? Out of commission for hours? Half a day?
Again, research has given me just about everything on the spectrum!
Awesome help so far, you guys! :)
Tags: ~medicine: epilepsy/seizures (misc)

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