emilyelle (emilyelle) wrote in little_details,

Compulsive Liars and Cheating

 Hello everyone! I just joined the community. I have to admit, i don't write much but i had an idea or something and i feel like i have to do it.

I am a psychology student, so i know a bit about the subject, but have never studied compulsive/pathological/chronic lying in much detail. My question is this: Do compulsive liars cheat (i.e. on academic tests) any more than the general population? My thinking is no, as the lies seem to be mostly in conversation. My idea involves about a person who is a compulsive liar and has just entered university, but i am wondering whether it would even be an issue insofar as test-taking or essay writing goes.

Of course, if the character DID cheat (as people often do) and got caught, THEN the lies would become a problem, i'm sure. But in any case, are compulsive liars any more likely to cheat than the general population?

Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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