em. (softballie) wrote in little_details,

Injury Recovery?

In the book I'm currently writing, there's a character who's in a speed skating accident and I was just wondering how long it would take to heal.

The skate goes through the bottom half of his thigh/the top part of his knee from the back of his leg. The skate went into his leg a couple inches in, cutting through some but not all of his muscles. The skates are a couple inches and pretty freaking sharp, so I'd imagine it'd do quite a bit of damage paired with the fact that this all happened during a race, meaning speed would most likely play a factor in it. It's also not the male character's skate that ended up in his leg, it is an opponent's who immediately pulled his skate out after they stopped moving. 

So, my question is basically, how long would it for him to recover to the point where he's walking again? 
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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