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c'mon, champ

Rugby league in America.

I'm writing a bit of a story about rugby in the States. I'm from Australia where the sport is pretty much a way of life for most people and seeing as it's only just become a professional sport in USA, I figured I could use that as a basis of a fic.

I've done some research around (mostly forums and what articles I could find) about how rugby is viewed in America at the moment. I've mostly found things written by people who have played both and have given me some pretty good insight and fixed up some assumptions (that gridiron is just as brutal even with the padding).

But what I specifically want to know is what general Americans think of the sport. Most of what I've managed to find are arguments about how manly one is comparatively to the other, and that's not what I'm after. I've also asked a couple of online friends from USA about it, but they know absolutely zero on the subject.

So, if you wouldn't mind, just letting me know:

- How popular is it over there? (I know that it's been growing in popular in the last 40yrs, and that it's becoming recognised professionally - but would your average person know what rugby is and what it entails?)

- What are your impressions? (brutal? needlessly violent? awesome?)

- Other thoughts?

Or, alternatively, if you don't know anything about rugby and watched this, what would you think of it?

Tags: usa (misc), ~sports (misc)

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