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Child abuse as related to a murder case

In modern day Georgia (US state, not the country), would ongoing child abuse count as a mitigating factor or self-defense if the child kills the abusive parent? The characters in question are a 16 year old upper middle class girl and her overbearing, pushy mother. The abuse is mostly emotional and verbal, with the mother mocking the child for anything less then perfection in anything she does, from academics to her cheer leading to the dance recitals that the mother makes the child do, constantly belittles her for not being attractive enough, etc. The rest of the family (the father who had nothing to do with the abuse, and the youngest child, abused in a similar way) would provide testimony to this fact. Would the charged be reduced? Would most juries find the defendant not guilty?

The only information I've really found out was a similar case happening, but I've only found out the details from the arrest, with no idea how the trial went. Everything else has been cases in which the parent murders the child while abusing them.
Tags: usa: georgia, usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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