Lamia (luckweaver) wrote in little_details,

Archery in the 12th Century

I'm writing a fanfiction which will centre around a complete beginner, a time traveller, learning archery in Sherwood Forest. I think Robin Hood was based in the 12th century, but there's a chance given the hour of the morning I have my dates wrong. Richard the First was around 1193 if memory serves, and Robin was supposed to fight with him in the Crusades, so that helps with the timing. Anyway! I was wondering if anyone knew the following in regards to my question: Thank you in advance for your help :) I've googled "archery in the 12th century" and "Robin Hood archery".
  • The kind of wood and the material typically used in the strings of twelfth century bows
  • How large/small bows generally were either in Robin Hood's band, or 12th Century England in general
  • How quickly a new bow could be made, and in simple terms how
  • How Robin Hood would be likely to teach, given limited equipment
  • The ease a 5"3/4 woman, appearing to be in her early twenties, and very lithe, would have in supporting the bow
  • If feathers were put on arrow shafts by the 12th century


Tags: ~animals: birds, ~fugitives, ~weapons (misc)

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